Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Harper: 4 Months

Dear Harper,

You are four months today!!! I can't believe you have only been part of our lives for four months. The love and memories we have made seems like we have had you for much longer. That is a good thing! 

Your four month checkup went well. You are 16lb 8oz and just about 26 inches long. Your growing has averaged out but you are still a big boy! You have reached all of your milestones and are right on track. Apparently you sleep on the right side of your head too often and we need to work on having your face the other way. The doctor is very happy with you and where you are at. He did say you could nap a little longer for me though...

You have had quite the social calendar this month with music classes, play dates and parties. It has been so much fun toting you around all month. You are a trooper. 

First Presbyterian Church had a beautiful baptism service for you. You were surrounded by both sets of grandparents, your aunts, uncles, extended family and friends. Your facial expressions lit up the entire congregation. Aunt April and Uncle Kyle hosted the sweetest lunch for you at their home after. You just love being passed from one set of loving arms to another. 

That same weekend, we took a trip to the gulf with your NC grandparents and Aunt Kelle. This was your first time in the ocean and you loved it! The warm water was perfect for you. You even got to take a long nap under the umbrella with your Grandma. 

After the beach, we drove up the road to visit the gravesite of your Great Grandpa Chuck. He would have adored you. We are so lucky that you will be raised seeing your grandparents and family so often. It truly takes a village to raise a baby and that is a good thing.

Your daily activity options have increased this month. We have your Jolly Jumper and it may be your favorite play thing combined with a mirror. You could bounce around in it all day. Your activity saucer has become my favorite item this month. I can place it in whichever room I need to be in and you will play with each of the toys, grinning the entire time. I have enjoyed watching your coordination improve daily. I would have to say, your favorite "toy" is most definitely your feet. You can't get enough. You no longer attempt to roll over on your play mat because you would rather grab your feet and the Bumbo is no longer an option because you want to bend over and grab your feet. Soon enough you will get them into your mouth...

Bath time is still you and your dad's special bonding time. You really enjoy be scrubbed down and listening to your dad tell you about his day. I fear you will be outgrowing your infant tub very soon. 

We now own three baby wearing carriers and three strollers. Each has their own use and can only be used depending on your mood. The Moby is great around the house when you want to snuggle, the Ergo is your favorite with your dad and the Britax is what you and I wear when running errands. That one allows you to look out and keeps you awake. We still use your click-in stroller when we are out and about and the Bob is used for jogging and walking. We still use the infant car seat adapter but I am looking forward to letting you sit in the seat and see the world as I run. I am up to running for 30 minutes without stopping. You still sleep through all of the fun. The third stroller is our new umbrella stroller. I can't wait to use it with you. So far we have only done a few loops but you are big enough that we can use it for our errands. 

You have slept through the night this month. Twice. Most nights  you wake up sometime between 3:30am-5:00am for a quick feed then back to sleep until 6:30am or 7:00am. We are attempting to firm up your routine with the Moms on Call method this month. This will enable you to nap better and feed on a more desirable schedule. Hopefully. You currently power nap a few times a day for around 20 minutes and want to eat every two hours. 

We have a busy month ahead of us with a few fun trips, a new music class and creating your own play space. It is a joy to be your mom. Exhausting but so much fun. I know there are lots of milestones ahead of us but I wish you could stay this age for awhile longer. 

I love you Harper. I always will.