Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charlie: Month 4

Dear Charlie,

Month four was kicked off with a growth spurt accompanied by a sleep regression. Nothing I wasn't mentally prepared for. Most nights you were waking up once or twice and quickly going back to sleep after nursing but for a week you were waking up three times and fought going back to sleep. What I wasn't mentally prepared for was the intensity of your teething. You have checked off every single symptom that is listed in every single book this week. Drooling, slight fever, swollen gums, diaper rash, irritable, not sleeping, chewing on everything... Basically every single "natural" remedy was ordered off of Amazon. Breaks my heart to see you so upset and awake almost all night. There is currently no visual of an actual tooth... 

You are officially rolling over again. You aren't very motivated too roll over but are capable. All you are interested in is finding something to chew on. Currently my fingers, chew bead necklaces, your little blue teether and your fists are your favorite. 

We have set up your brother's Jolly Jumper for you a few days ago. You love standing up and looking around but haven't started jumping around in it yet. I know that will come. 

You still fight naps but we have gotten into more of a routine during the day. Still not napping in your crib but I know that will come. The days your brother isn't at school most of your naps have to happen while I am wearing you  or else Harper will wake you up. "Baby Up!" 

Your giggle warms my heart. You smile often and love to laugh when we kiss you especially behind your ears. 

You love, love, love having your diaper changed. I find it so odd but it must be because you like laying down that close to our faces and love all of the attention. You could lay there for thirty minutes without a complaint. You also enjoy laying in your crib after you wake up in the morning as long as you are unwrapped. If your brother is still asleep, I will pour myself a cup of coffee while you lay there cooing and chewing on your toes. 

You are starting to look more and more like my baby pictures and my mom's baby pictures... just not as chunky. I am looking forward to taking you to the doctor in a few weeks to see how much you have actually grown. 

I am sure I am leaving out important memories but I will admit that I am exhausted. Lack of sleep and two little ones would wear anyone out. It is worth it. 

You are such a sweet baby.

I will always love you.