Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Harper: 9 Months

Dear Harper,

You are on the move Harper Glen! Every waking moment (that you aren't eating) you are going from point A to point B to point C. Not walking yet (thank goodness) but big boy crawling, scaling anything and everything and using your push walker. You can even stand on your own for a few moments. I am in no hurry for you to take your first steps but I fear they may be coming soon. 

We are in the process of packing away even more of your baby necessities. The infant tub, the activity mat, the jolly jumper and your activity saucer are all bagged up and in the garage. You even outgrew your infant carseat this month! 

Bath time is still your one on one time with you dad but you are now in the big bath tub with lots of bath toys. The two of you could splash in there all night. You are never happy to dried off and put in your pi's because you know bedtime is near. The past week you have been unable to shut your brain off to sooth yourself to sleep. All your body wants to do is stand and crawl around even though you are clearly exhausted. It is frustrating to all of us especially you. You did so much better last night so maybe we are through it? Teething, cold nights, alarm clocks and the nine month sleep regression have made it hard for you to find your groove. We average one time awake at night and upon occasion you surprise us with sleeping through the night. 

You now have eight teeth! When you smile it looks like you have a whole mouth full. Biting is still a habit of yours so we try to always have something for you to chew on. You even bit your own lip the other night when you and your dad were hanging out. It was a bloody mess but didn't seem to phase you one bit. 

Your Aunt Kelle came to visit you. We tried to let her use your room but you weren't having it and she kindly slept in your playroom. You thought it was so much fun having a mattress in there. We took her to lunch at Bok Towers and we even went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. You got to ride the new Winnie the Pooh and Little Mermaid rides as well as Dumbo, the Teacups and It's a Small World. You had so much fun and were such a trooper. She loves spending time with you. We all wish she lived closer. 

Speaking of aunts. You are going to be a cousin! Your Aunt April and Uncle Kyle are having a baby this July. They will find out the gender in a few weeks. Our vote is for a boy so the two of you can be best buds. We are all looking forward to the two of you growing up together. Oh the trouble you will get into…. 

You are eating more and more food each and every day. You are 100% our son with your love of hummus. Your dad and I eat it on just about everything and you do as well. Currently your favorite is on top of plain rice cakes. You would eat flats of blueberries if we let you. Good thing you dad grows them and Papa has a whole packing house full of them. We did discover your first food allergy: eggplants. You poor thing broke out in hives when I included them in dinner the other night. Your dad is rather disappointed that I will no longer be forcing serving him eggplant for dinner. 

Your social calendar still remains full with play group, music class, walks with friends and time up at the packing house. Everyone knows we will be at the office on Wednesdays and looks forward to seeing your happy face. 

You are such a joy Harper Glen. I look forward to what this month has in store! 

I will always love you.