Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dear Harper: 8 Months

Dear Harper,

I may be repeated myself but you really need to stop growing up.  This past month has been my favorite so far.  You are checking milestones off like a champ. You are standing now. Over the course of a week you taught yourself how to sit down from a laying position, pull yourself up, stand, scale the walls and climb everything! Nothing is safe anymore and baby proofing has happened. Your confidence is amazing and the smile on your face after you have achieved the results you were hoping for is beautiful.

We now have six and a half teeth! Harper, you sure know how to use them… You still like to bite and last night you did some damage to you dads neck. We know it is innocent but it sure does hurt. Everything and anything finds its way to your mouth but your fingers are your favorite teething soothers.

Harper you are no longer our bald baby. You are getting hair! It is coming in so fast and is so soft. I could pet you all day.  We do need to find a solution to your bed head! It is hilarious.

Standing has complicated naptime this past week. Instead of finding your corner of the crib and falling asleep after a few minutes of crying you now stand and scream. I then have to come in a lay you down. This typically happens four or five times before you give in. I am hoping once you are a little more graceful at going from standing to sitting this will end. You are still napping with your face pressed up against the bars and have the most hilarious marks when you wake up.

Mealtimes are still your favorite especially when Argos is around to be fed. So far we haven’t found a food that you won’t eat but you do have your favorites. Kiwi, pear, blueberry and broccoli seem to be your favorites. Some meals you eat big kid portions and other meals you are more interested in playing with your food. You are still nursing five times a day with an additional feeding in the middle of the night most nights. Nursing is still going well but I will say those teeth of yours complicate things.

You are chatting up a storm now. You talk to your toys and you love to talk to the baby in the mirror. Dada is your favorite set of syllables. We are starting to introduce signs into our conversations. You love laughing at us when we sign to you. Your dad is still the one who can make you belly laugh the hardest.

This month we had a few other emotional milestones. You and I took our first flight just the two of us. It was delayed to way past both of our bedtimes and you did so well. The flight to North Carolina you entertained half the plane for most of the trip and even threw your apple down the aisle causing everyone to laugh. The return flight, I strapped you into the Ergo and you slept so soundly. The second big milestone was your first sleepover at Gammy and Papas. You dad and I went to Orlando to celebrate his birthday. We missed you so much but your Gammy said you did so well. They drove you to Orlando early the next morning to join us for breakfast and going to see the Ice exhibit. It was 9 degrees inside and you were so bundled. You seemed to enjoy the bright lights and figures but weren’t quite old enough for the slide.

Harper Glen you are such a happy, fun and loving baby. I feel so blessed to call you mine. I will always love you.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Harper: 7 Months

Dear Harper,

This month your dad and I have had so much joy watching you discover the world around you. Your senses are in high alert at all times and you are aware of your surroundings. Your thought process is evident with every action you take. 

Your crawling is still a full army crawl but you are able to get on all fours. I know forward progress is coming soon. You try so hard to go from laying down to a sitting position and to pull yourself up with the help of large objects near by. You are a confident sitter now but would still rather stand with our help. 

You officially have five teeth! There are even a few more just waiting to break through your gums. You handle teething like a champ but it makes night time a little rough. Your teeth are so sharp and you will take a bite of of everything and anything that you can. Including your mom… 

I feel that we spend more time eating than anything else. I am still nursing you five times a day and typically a quick feed in the middle of the night supplemented with solids. Meals are you favorite. Breakfast typically consists of apple or pear slices. If we are planning on staying home all morning I may include banana or avocado but I know that more will wind up all over you than in your belly. I try to feed you whatever I am eating for lunch and dinner but currently summer squash, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are your favorite. You have quickly learned the joys of feeding Argos from your highchair and nothing makes you laugh louder. Your dad and I are committed to feeding you a plant based diet and so far you seem to love vegetables as much as we do. 

You are now tolerating the stroller for walks and with the cooler weather we try to get outside as much as possible. Your dad hung a swing on the porch that you love to swing on and sometimes take naps. Your naps are still quick but you fight them less and less every day. Car naps happen almost every single time we drive anywhere and I am hopping you will not outgrow your infant seat for a few more months. 

Our bath time savior has been a squishy octopus that will entertain you the entire time your dad washes you. There have even been a few nights that the two of us took baths in the big bath tub when your dad was out of town. You enjoyed splashing and playing with all of the toys. 

Every day you become more and more of a mommy's boy. I can't complain and I love all of the cuddles. You do a great job with your grandmas but as soon as you see me the tears start and you want to be held. When you dad is trying to calm you at night, he tells me you won't take your eyes off of the door hoping that I will be walking through soon. 

We are so excited for the holidays. Halloween was so much fun and you have already gotten to meet Santa. Your grandma has been in town this week to help out and the two of you have so much fun. Your grandpa will be here tomorrow. I can't wait to watch the two of you together. 

I love you Harper Glen. I always will. I wish you could stay this age forever. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Harper: 6 Months

Dear Harper,

You are officially on the move and that makes for one tired momma. You have been army crawling all month and are just starting to use your legs. I know a full-blown crawl isn’t far away.  May the baby proofing begin.

Your ability to crawl leaves you rather frustrated if you have been constrained in your car seat, stroller or even our arms for too long. It doesn’t matter where we are, you want to be set done and allowed to go go go.

Your growth has seemed to slow down some but those adorable rolls are still there for the loving. You have reached 27.25 inches and are 18.5 pounds right at the seventy-fifth percentile for both. The doctor said you are a happy, healthy, high-energy boy. We are going to have our hands full.

The tooth that we were waiting on arrived and so did the one next too it. Right when we thought we were going to be able to sleep again the second tooth surfaced. You love when we brush your teeth and could chew on the toothbrush and the tasty raspberry toothpaste for as long as we would allow. Harper, you sweet boy love to bite. You will attempt to take a chunk out of the neck of whoever is holding you and I have the bruises to show for it.

Those teeth have proved helpful with the introduction to solids. We have decided to follow Baby Led Weaning.  This method allows you to skip purees and begin with actual food.  So far you have had banana, avocado, zucchini, summer squash, cucumber, broccoli, sweet potato, green beans, artichoke, carrots and pinto beans. I even made all of us banana flaxseed pancakes this weekend that you loved. You make a huge mess when you eat but it has been a joy watching you explore new tastes and textures. Most of the food winds up on the floor or all over you but they promise it wont always be a disaster. Argos sure enjoys cleanup duty.

We took your six-month pictures last week and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. To see your progression from a sleepy 3 week old, an alert 3 month old and now an active 6 month old through pictures has been a great way to document memories.

By the way little one, these weekly pictures are becoming nearly impossible with all of your squirming.

I will always love you.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Harper: 5 Months

Dear Harper,

We celebrated your five months in Amelia Island this week. I am not sure there are many babies that get to celebrate at the Ritz-Carlton. Lucky guy.

This month has been exhausting. Entertaining but exhausting. You are aware of everything that goes on around you and have a fear of missing out. This means we are always on the go, switching from one activity to the next. 

We started the month following the Mom’s on Call method of sleep training. After a few painful sessions of you crying yourself to sleep, you were napping like a champ and sleeping through the night. Your naps still averaged 30 minutes but you were taking four a day. At night, you may have woken once or twice but managed to fall back asleep on your own.  Then we hit the 4 months sleep regression that everyone warned me about. Naps became few and far between and I spent more time in your nursery at night then in my own room. You wanted to be held and ate as if you hadn’t been fed in days. This has lasted the past few weeks and I hope we are on the tail end of it. Last night you woke up twice and fed only once.

You now have a tooth that is just under the gum and I can tell it is bothering you. All of your teethers are in the refrigerator and frozen washcloths are ready to go. I am not ready for you to have teeth and hope that this one decides to stay put a little bit longer.

The sounds you are now able to make provide your favorite entertainment. You love scratching your fingers on any surface that will make a noise. More often then not it is just like nails on a chalkboard. You also love to hear the booming noise your legs make when you slam then down in your crib. The first few times I heard the noise in your monitor, I could have sworn the crib feel apart. The sound you are able to make when you suck on your bottom lip is adorable and it makes your cheeks look even plumper.

You are officially mobile. You aren’t scooting, crawling or walking yet but you barrel roll. There is no setting you down expecting your to be in the same location anymore. If you see a toy that you want across the carpet you will roll ten times to get to it. Your boppy even provides you just enough of an angle to sit up and fall forward.

Everything and anything still ends up in your mouth.  The footies of your pajamas are always soaked by morning.  Drinking glasses and water bottles are not safe around you. Faces are your favorite. You gain leverage from grabbing either the hair or ears of the loved one holding you, you pull then close and attempt to eat their nose, lips, cheeks or chin. You are rather strong for a little guy.

We joke that you are a little two forward with the ladies. You are such a little flirt. The grocery store cashiers are your favorite. You smile and giggle and as soon as they make eye contact you turn away. You little giggle has turned into a full belly laugh. The first time we heard it, I was sitting in the back seat and your dad was driving. I thought he was going to have to pull over. It is adorable. It is so great seeing you so full of joy.

You are now big and strong enough to ride in your strollers without being in your car seat. You love seeing the world when we go out for a walk or are going shopping. That being said you are getting awfully close to needing a bigger car seat. We need to measure you soon.

We have been lucky enough to take three mini vacations this month. The first was to Hobe Sound to visit your great grandma Nonnie and your dad’s Uncle Gene and Aunt Terry. Uncle Gene even let you drive his big boat! Your North Carolina Grandparents drove down to Orlando for a long weekend to spoil you and babysit while your dad and I had a date night. Apparently you cried most of the time we were away. Breaks my heart but I know you were in good hands. Our last getaway was to Amelia Island for your dad’s work conference. We were able to enjoy one day of sunshine in the pool and a walk on the beach before the rain kept us indoors. You got to meet your first parrot, Amelia, during story time with Gammy and Pappa.

Although we have had many sleepless nights, I am grateful. You are a healthy, happy baby and I cherish every moment I get to hold you, even if it is at 3am. There are nights I tell you dad that I want to climb into your crib and sleep besides you…

You are a blessing Harper Glen. I love you. I always will.



Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Harper: 4 Months

Dear Harper,

You are four months today!!! I can't believe you have only been part of our lives for four months. The love and memories we have made seems like we have had you for much longer. That is a good thing! 

Your four month checkup went well. You are 16lb 8oz and just about 26 inches long. Your growing has averaged out but you are still a big boy! You have reached all of your milestones and are right on track. Apparently you sleep on the right side of your head too often and we need to work on having your face the other way. The doctor is very happy with you and where you are at. He did say you could nap a little longer for me though...

You have had quite the social calendar this month with music classes, play dates and parties. It has been so much fun toting you around all month. You are a trooper. 

First Presbyterian Church had a beautiful baptism service for you. You were surrounded by both sets of grandparents, your aunts, uncles, extended family and friends. Your facial expressions lit up the entire congregation. Aunt April and Uncle Kyle hosted the sweetest lunch for you at their home after. You just love being passed from one set of loving arms to another. 

That same weekend, we took a trip to the gulf with your NC grandparents and Aunt Kelle. This was your first time in the ocean and you loved it! The warm water was perfect for you. You even got to take a long nap under the umbrella with your Grandma. 

After the beach, we drove up the road to visit the gravesite of your Great Grandpa Chuck. He would have adored you. We are so lucky that you will be raised seeing your grandparents and family so often. It truly takes a village to raise a baby and that is a good thing.

Your daily activity options have increased this month. We have your Jolly Jumper and it may be your favorite play thing combined with a mirror. You could bounce around in it all day. Your activity saucer has become my favorite item this month. I can place it in whichever room I need to be in and you will play with each of the toys, grinning the entire time. I have enjoyed watching your coordination improve daily. I would have to say, your favorite "toy" is most definitely your feet. You can't get enough. You no longer attempt to roll over on your play mat because you would rather grab your feet and the Bumbo is no longer an option because you want to bend over and grab your feet. Soon enough you will get them into your mouth...

Bath time is still you and your dad's special bonding time. You really enjoy be scrubbed down and listening to your dad tell you about his day. I fear you will be outgrowing your infant tub very soon. 

We now own three baby wearing carriers and three strollers. Each has their own use and can only be used depending on your mood. The Moby is great around the house when you want to snuggle, the Ergo is your favorite with your dad and the Britax is what you and I wear when running errands. That one allows you to look out and keeps you awake. We still use your click-in stroller when we are out and about and the Bob is used for jogging and walking. We still use the infant car seat adapter but I am looking forward to letting you sit in the seat and see the world as I run. I am up to running for 30 minutes without stopping. You still sleep through all of the fun. The third stroller is our new umbrella stroller. I can't wait to use it with you. So far we have only done a few loops but you are big enough that we can use it for our errands. 

You have slept through the night this month. Twice. Most nights  you wake up sometime between 3:30am-5:00am for a quick feed then back to sleep until 6:30am or 7:00am. We are attempting to firm up your routine with the Moms on Call method this month. This will enable you to nap better and feed on a more desirable schedule. Hopefully. You currently power nap a few times a day for around 20 minutes and want to eat every two hours. 

We have a busy month ahead of us with a few fun trips, a new music class and creating your own play space. It is a joy to be your mom. Exhausting but so much fun. I know there are lots of milestones ahead of us but I wish you could stay this age for awhile longer. 

I love you Harper. I always will.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Harper: 3 Months

Dear Harper,

You are THREE months old today. We survived the 4th trimester. Boy was it exhausting but such an amazing time for both of us. I wouldn't be honest if I said it was easy because that wasn't always the case. We had some rough moments, some long days and a few near sleepless nights.  I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. You are a joy to spend time with and I am blessed to be able to stay home with you. I am also blessed to have a great support system to give me the time I need to be me. 

The most important lesson you taught me? A lesson that parents try to teach their babies from toddlerhood: how to share. Sharing is something that I have never been very good at. Your Aunt Kelle knew she had to sneak into my closet to "borrow" clothes, I struggled having roommates and I want the last of the ice cream in the freezer. I have gotten better but you taught me how to share and be happy with sharing. It wasn't easy. I didn't want to let you go and when others held you, I was always anxious to get you back. I knew I had to share your love. Sharing your love is a big deal and I know we have a great support from family and friends and you deserve love from all of them. Sharing you will make you a stronger individual and allow me to be an even better mom. You have also taught me that I can survive with less than 8 hours of sleep and that I know none of the lyrics of any of the songs that I want to sing to you... 

In three months, you have more than doubled in size and tripled in personality. You are hilarious. That smile of yours is a mirror image of your dad. Looking at the "baby" in the mirror is one of the quickest ways to put a smile on your face.  When you are being grumpy, the music gets turned up and the dance party begins. There is no doubt that you lungs aren't fully developed. When you scream, Argos will go hide. The tears you shed break my heart. I think they always will. The look you give me in the morning is worth all of the rough nights. 

This weekend we packed all of your newborn, 0 - 3 month and some of your 3-6 month clothes. You have outgrown almost anything with the word infant and are wearing size 3 diapers. I fear that teething is going to occur sooner rather than later. I have been referring to you as a snapping turtle. You "snap" at anything you can fit your mouth around and gum it as hard as your little jaws will allow. By anything I mean fingers, ears, my collar bone, shoulders and my arms. Painful is an understatement. 

We had a fun water filled weekend with you. Your dad took us out on the pontoon boat. You love sitting on his lap while he drives. Between the cool air, the sound of the motor and speakers and the rocking of the boat, you slept for over an hour. It was perfect. Your dad also set up a swimming pool in the backyard for us to use. The two of you hung out in the water splashing and smiling. It was adorable. He loves you so much. 

It has been determined that you do not like to sit down. Our options are to hold you or let you stand while we hold your hands. You stand for hours every day. Hours. This led to a quick google search and the purchase of a Jolly Jumper. This may be the best invention ever. We strap you in and hang you up. Literally and it allows you to stand up and "bounce" around. It is great exercise for you and gives me a few minutes a few times a day to get a few things done. 

The Moby wrap is now a friend of ours and we use it for your mid morning nap while I get chores done but the Ergo has been a battle the past few weeks. You outgrew the infant insert but aren't quite ready to not have it. A small  blanket keeps you propped but I hope in the next few weeks you become a fan again. I think you would prefer to look out instead of at me...

Other likes besides your fist are your monkey that Aunt Kelle gave you and your chew blanket that my friend Amanda made. Both are the perfect size for your little grip and mouth. You swing is back in action as well. Your late afternoon nap happens in it while I try to get work done. We also enjoy "watching" the projector from your white noise machine. It really is relaxing. 

I find it a fun challenge to see what you will enjoy that day and what is no longer acceptable. You are very quick to let us know. I hope crib naps return soon! 

I can't wait to see what the next 3 months have in store for us. 

I love you H. I always will.



Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 12

Dear Harper.

We had a VERY low key week last week considering we both had to recover from our travels. I was really hoping to get you back on a napping schedule but your 10 minute power naps continued. I didn't even both attempting you in your crib. Yet. 

I had a busy week with work obligations so your grandma got to make up for not seeing you the previous week and give you love every day for a few hours. I am so grateful. 

You have officially outgrown ALL of your 0-3 month clothes and starting to outgrow some of your 3-6 month outfits. We have started to pack away all of the infant adaptors for your carriers and car seat and I am still in disbelief at how FAST you are growing. You have well surpassed the 15 pound mark. 

Your likes and dislikes are changing every day. Right now your favorite things are your green music scarf, your fist, chewing on blankets, being held, loud music, the "baby in the mirror and somehow your swing.  Your dislikes are being swaddled, tummy time, being set down, your crib during the day, waking up and realizing you are not being held and your Ergo. 

This week we are going to attempt to not swaddle you at night. I am mentally preparing myself now. From day one you have been able to bust out of 75% of our swaddling attempts. We have even purchased multiple brands of the velcro swaddles, in various sizes and you still free yourself. The nights that you don't get loose you sleep longer but most nights as soon as you break free you wake up. I am hoping now that you are able to find your fist and aren't confined you will be able to handle it. Wish us luck! 

I can't believe you will be 3 months NEXT week! 

I love you H. I always will.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 11

Dear Harper,

There is no doubt that this was a week that your dad and I will never forget. I did something that I always thought I would never do: bring an infant on an airplane. I feel like there is always the token screaming baby on every flight and I always though the parents were crazy for attempting such a feat. I was one of those parents and trust me the anxiety leading up to that first flight was high. At this point, I know the "tricks" to calm you down but almost all include signing, dancing, walking or bouncing. All things that aren't really acceptable in an airplane. I should have known that you wouldn't need me to bust out the Bear Went Over the Mountain while line dancing in the aisle. You were such a trooper. Not a single cry. You slept for 90% of both flights. I was thrilled. There was still the token screamer on each flight and it wasn't you. Thank you! 

The destination of our travels was Asheville to visit your grandparents and to meet your Aunt Kelle. We had planned lots of outdoor activities to keep us all busy but the rain unfortunately kept us indoors for a majority of the trip. 

We took you with us out to eat a few times and once again you did great. We even went "hiking" at the (closed) golf course on the cart path and you slept the whole time. I look forward to taking you back up there once you are older and hopefully have beautiful weather. 

Another first that I wasn't so sure about this week was your first trip to a brewery. I worked at a brewery for a few years in college and upon occasion someone would bring a baby and I never understood why. Once again, now I do. There were a ton of kids there of all ages, most not wearing any shoes. We even bought you a onesie! There was a reggae band playing and between the music and the lights you took a great nap and woke up in the best mood. Your Aunt Kelle was so proud ;)  

The day before we left, your grandma had our wedding photographer over to the house to take family pictures. You loved it! Of course you looked adorable and enjoyed all of the attention. 

Your naps currently leave something to be desired. They average about 15 minutes and occur around 4 times a day and only if someone is holding you. As soon as you get set down, you wake up screaming... I hope this changes soon. 

You are still waking up once a night to feed. This is completely fine with me but we are going to start trying to put you to sleep earlier and hoping that you will start sleeping a little later. Right now you go to bed around 8:30pm, wake up sometime between 2am-4am and then sleep until sometime after 6am. 

Our plan this week is to take it easy and try to get back on some sort of routine. Maybe...

I love you Harper. I always will.



Vacation pictures coming soon! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 10

Dear Harper,

You recovered from all of last weekend's wedding and lake festivities with a relaxing week at home. 

Monday I had a check up at my OBGYN and all of the nurses and our doctor loved seeing you and giving you loves. They can't believe how big you have gotten. 

Tuesday was your turn at the doctor. We had to go in for round two of your "6 week" shots. You actually only had one shot and the second vaccine was given orally. You loved the medicine and wanted more. It must have been sweetened!  There was the expected screaming with the shot but you recovered quickly. I hope they get easier. It wasn't until I was an adult that I stopped fighting the nurses when they got close to me with a needle. I feel your pain.

Everyone warned me about how rough of a night we would have after your vaccines. (knock on wood) Up until this point there hasn't been any issues. Maybe because we broke them up into two appointments? You did have an impressive amount of blowouts from the oral vaccine. Poor Allison at my work... 

Your FL grandmother came over Wednesday and Thursday to allow me to get get caught up on work. I think the two of you are getting used to taking a midday nap together. I am grateful for the time and it is so sweet to watch the two of you. 

We had our third week at music class this week. One of my favorite parts of the class is seeing your growth each week. Week one, you slept through most of the class. Week two, you managed to stay awake until the last song but were more interested in the babies laying next two you. This week, we actually got to participate in the activities with the songs and I kept your attention for most of the class. Your favorite songs are the ones that include the scarf. The music scarf is your new favorite toy especially when you figure out how to put it in your mouth. 

After music class, while you were napping, we got to grab lunch in downtown Orlando. It felt so weird being in downtown not wearing a pencil skirt and heels rushing to a meeting. It is amazing how life changes. 

You and your "Uncle" Andrew perfecting the football hold.
Saturday night we dropped you off at your grandparents for a few hours while your dad and I met up with friends for some much needed "adult time". It was such a treat. Your "Aunt" Holly and I picked you up while the boys went back to our house and you got to socialize with the "big" kids for a few hours.  You may have given a few guys baby fever! You do need friends.... :) 

I am loving our days together. They are nonstop and I don't think I set you down for more than a few moments at a time. You just love to cuddle. 

I love you Harper. I always will.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 9

Dear Harper,

This week was your dad's cousin's wedding and boy were you a social butterfly. The festivities began with a Bridesmaid lunch and you were the only male invited. Lucky guy. You would think that at a lunch of over a dozen ladies you would take the opportunity to get ample amounts of loving but you slept in my arms through the entire event. 

The next fun event was the rehearsal dinner. Your grandparents hosted a BBQ dinner at their house for the bridal party and family. Everyone enjoyed themselves and your dad even gave a speech. It was your first time wearing jeans and shoes. You were adorable. I, like everyone else, was obsessed with your outfit. You got to be held by more of your dad's cousins and throughly enjoyed the attention. We left the party around 8:30 to be sure to tuck you into bed by your current 9pm bedtime. 

Saturday night was the wedding. Your dad was in the bridal party so that left us to get ready by ourselves. I had the most adorable outfit picked out but surprisingly it was too big! We found a replacement and added a new accessory: sunglasses. You wearing sunglasses was the cutest thing ever. Somehow you didn't even mind them. It was so nice because the wedding was outdoors and with them on the sun didn't bother you one bit. Everyone made sure to take pictures of you with them on. 

You were the perfect baby during the ceremony. You didn't cry at all and had a huge smile on your face the whole time. You crashed hard during the reception while your grandma was holding you. When you woke up, you almost owed your grandma a new dress and we had to have an emergency diaper change. After you made your rounds, we snuck out around 8:30pm to get you in your crib around 9pm again. I keep attempting to put you down earlier but then you wake up twice a night. Eventually we would like to put you down around 7:30pm with only one middle of the night feed (& someday you will sleep all the way through). I can't complain because I am rather rested for the mom of a newborn. 

Sunday was your first lake day! Of course you wore your new sunglasses as well as swim trucks and a rash guard. You remained sleeping in your carseat for the first part of the boat ride. Once you woke you were a very happy baby. I think you enjoyed the noise from the motors. We picked up your Aunt April and Uncle Kyle at their new house and continued to ride around. Your dad parked the boat at their house and we grilled out with friends. You were one happy baby rocking in their rocking chairs. 

The skies darkened and we sent your dad across the lake to pick us up in his truck. Good thing because it began to pour! 

We are both so grateful that you are so flexible and enjoy being around so many people.

I love you Harper. I always will.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vero Beach 2013

Thought I would share pictures from our family vacation to Vero Beach. 

4 Generations

Great Grandma Nonnie with Harper & Ashton


Geoff's cousin Sarah & her adorable family.

Great Grandma & Grandma with Harper.

Our first night away from the little guy. 

Can't get enough of the hat. 

Fussy time. 

Fussy time success. 

Lazy Argos. 

Nap time. 

Nap time round two. 


Getting ready for our morning walk. 

Beach time!

Love this little guy. 

Aunt April. 

Getting mentally prepared for bath time.


Morning beach walks. 

Ready for the beach!

Nap time. 

More napping. 

Loving his daddy. 


"1st cousins once removed"

H wasn't so sure how he felt about his seal bath. 

Morning walks.