Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Harper: 7 Months

Dear Harper,

This month your dad and I have had so much joy watching you discover the world around you. Your senses are in high alert at all times and you are aware of your surroundings. Your thought process is evident with every action you take. 

Your crawling is still a full army crawl but you are able to get on all fours. I know forward progress is coming soon. You try so hard to go from laying down to a sitting position and to pull yourself up with the help of large objects near by. You are a confident sitter now but would still rather stand with our help. 

You officially have five teeth! There are even a few more just waiting to break through your gums. You handle teething like a champ but it makes night time a little rough. Your teeth are so sharp and you will take a bite of of everything and anything that you can. Including your mom… 

I feel that we spend more time eating than anything else. I am still nursing you five times a day and typically a quick feed in the middle of the night supplemented with solids. Meals are you favorite. Breakfast typically consists of apple or pear slices. If we are planning on staying home all morning I may include banana or avocado but I know that more will wind up all over you than in your belly. I try to feed you whatever I am eating for lunch and dinner but currently summer squash, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are your favorite. You have quickly learned the joys of feeding Argos from your highchair and nothing makes you laugh louder. Your dad and I are committed to feeding you a plant based diet and so far you seem to love vegetables as much as we do. 

You are now tolerating the stroller for walks and with the cooler weather we try to get outside as much as possible. Your dad hung a swing on the porch that you love to swing on and sometimes take naps. Your naps are still quick but you fight them less and less every day. Car naps happen almost every single time we drive anywhere and I am hopping you will not outgrow your infant seat for a few more months. 

Our bath time savior has been a squishy octopus that will entertain you the entire time your dad washes you. There have even been a few nights that the two of us took baths in the big bath tub when your dad was out of town. You enjoyed splashing and playing with all of the toys. 

Every day you become more and more of a mommy's boy. I can't complain and I love all of the cuddles. You do a great job with your grandmas but as soon as you see me the tears start and you want to be held. When you dad is trying to calm you at night, he tells me you won't take your eyes off of the door hoping that I will be walking through soon. 

We are so excited for the holidays. Halloween was so much fun and you have already gotten to meet Santa. Your grandma has been in town this week to help out and the two of you have so much fun. Your grandpa will be here tomorrow. I can't wait to watch the two of you together. 

I love you Harper Glen. I always will. I wish you could stay this age forever.