Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dear Charlie: 7 Months

Dear Charlie,

You have become such a happy baby. You love interacting with the world around you. New sights and sounds make you smile and of course anything you can touch goes directly into your mouth. You are now a confident sitter and are content playing with your stacking cups, noise makers or any of your brother's toys. You still hate being on your belly and will scream whenever you wind up there.

Your second bottom tooth cut through this month. Teething drives you wild. You drool through multiple bibs a day, you have to be chewing on something constantly and you are so cranky. Once the tooth is through its no big deal and life is back to normal. Except when you bite me...

Lunch and dinner is a messy, fun time for everyone involved. We are still offering a variety of purees mixed with baby oatmeal  but are now also offering you slices of avocado and roasted sweet potato. You love chewing on carrot sticks, celery and apple slices but that is more of a teething need. You do love grabbing handfuls of your brother's food when his plate gets within your range. 

Your sleep hasn't improved much this month. Part of the blame can go towards teething and your hatred of being on your belly but you also caught your first cold.  Your brother brings home snotty nose germs daily from school, the park and play groups but this was the first to stick. You had a constant runny noise, a brief fever and a cough that stuck around for a few weeks. Laying on your back made breathing difficult and you wanted to be held all night long. 

You are quickly out growing all of your 6 to 12 month outfits. I am hoping when you decide to be mobile you will thin down just enough to get a few more months out of them. You are suck a chunk and I love  it. At this months check up you weighed in at 21 lbs 5 oz and 28 3/4" tall. Your brother better watch out or you will be bigger than him! 

I can already tell that this next month is going to be an exciting one!

I love you sweet Charlie Ash. My little duck.