Thursday, January 17, 2013

26 Weeks

These past two weeks have flown by. I am thrilled to report that our doctors appointment went really well health wise. Neither of us were thrilled to sit in a waiting room for nearly two hours to see a doctor for less than 10 minutes but I would rather that be the case and get a clean bill of health. The only concern the doctor had was my low blood pressure. I have always had below the average range but never showed symptoms  I still do not have any symptoms (fainting, seeing stars or light headed) but she requested that I drink a Gatorade daily. This is harder than it sounds. I can not find a flavor that does not gross me out. Too many watered down Gatorades in the volleyball days and my dislike of anything artificially flavored has proved challenging so I am looking for an alternative.  

We also took a tour of the birthing center. That made everything seem so real. We even got to see a baby that was born only a few hours prior. So tiny! 

For this weeks progress picture, Geoff surprised me with a trip to a lake north of where we live. The 80 degree weather and sunshine on our pale winter skin was the perfect stress relief. 

How I'm Feeling:

I still feel great. My energy level is still high and I am still able to go to bootcamp a few days a week. I am using lighter weights then before I was pregnant and having to modify a few exercises to prevent injury to me or the baby but I feel strong. It helps with the aches and pains that are typically associated with pregnancy as well as helps me sleep at night. 

The need to use the restroom as often as I am is exhausted. I feel that my day is planned around going to the restroom. If I have to be in the car for longer than an hour or in a long meeting I know I will have to stop at a gas station or excuse myself from the table. Jumping Jacks are out of the question as well.

How I'm Changing:

I feel like my belly is HUGE and doesn't stop growing. I have been attempting to schedule maternity pictures and they suggest waiting at least another month so that you can see the belly but there is no missing it. I bump into everything and need to avoid light colored tops. Somehow  there is always a line of some sort across my belly. 

My emotions are starting to come on strong as well. I have to be very careful about what I watch on TV or read about. I saw a homeless man with a dog and instantly went inside the gas station and bough a few cans of dog food for his companion and snacks for him. When I handed it to him he nearly cried which instantly got me started. 

What I'm Eating:

I feel all I do is eat. My portions are smaller than I am used to because I fill up very fast but I am hungry again two hours later. I carry snacks with me at all times because when I get hungry, I get grumpy and can't focus. 

Have you seen the Target commercial where the lady is ripping open a variety of foods and vitamins. I feel like that is me. "What baby wants, baby gets" That commercial terrifies my husband. 

Everything Else:

I still need to share our nursery progress. I am so happy with the progress thus far and plan on working on it this weekend. 

I worked on our baby registries as well. Baby's need so much and there is so much to learn and research. I am loving the advice from our family and friends. 

Did you know there is a product called MilkScreen? Google it. It made me feel so much better about the fact that I know I will need a glass of wine upon occasion. 

We officially picked a name. We have decided to keep it a secrete for now. I am terrified I am going to let it slip.... 

Friday, January 4, 2013

holiday festivities

The holiday season flew by this year. We stayed in Florida due to the fear of cold weather which puts Geoff on call 24-7. It was a good thing he stayed. There were a few nights of the alarm going off every two hours. He is a trooper and I almost felt guilty for taking over the whole bed every time he left. 

The first item on the list was Geoff's 26th birthday. Having a December birthday is rough and I try to make it a big deal for him. 

I kept it simple and went with his yearly request of Mexican food and his family over for dinner. His parents, sister, cousin Eric and Eric's girlfriend Nicole joined us. A few months prior to his birthday, when I was taking my cake decorating class, he informed me that he didn't want a birthday cake. He may have been having nightmares of the disaster I made in the kitchen weekly... I then found a frittata "cake" recipe that I decided to make for dinner.

Of course a week before his birthday, Geoff decided he wanted a birthday cake and not only a normal, basic birthday cake but a "White Willard". Geoff's grandfather, Willard, was a fan of a layered white cake with 7 minute frosting and coconut. Luckily Geoff's sister asked a hostesses favorite question "what can I bring?". I quickly responded with his request that she was very familiar with. Good thing because we had to throw away the cake pans after this dish. Old nonstick cake pans with egg is not a good combination apparently. 

Geoff and Baby Roe got some great gifts and we are all very appreciative. 

The next event on our list was the Roe Family Eve of Christmas Eve celebration. We all gathered at Geoff's grandparents old home that is currently owned by his aunt and uncle and enjoyed great food, cocktails and family time.

The cocktail of choice yearly is the beloved Old Fashioned. The Roe family will not turn down a good bourbon or the dropping in of carolers. 

One of my favorite family traditions is attending Christmas Eve service at church. I always love the service and seeing all of the kids so excited to celebrate Christmas. I can't wait until we have our own children run up to the front of the church to hear the story of the birth of Jesus. The running part may be an exaggeration because Geoff and I were not that child. I know I preferred hiding in the pews. 

Church was followed by a lovely dinner at our downtown Italian restaurant with Geoff's parents. It was delicious and required no prep work or cleaning. It was so nice to just enjoy the evening. 

We celebrated Christmas morning at home. Just us and our fury children. I made breakfast and we opened gifts from my family and each other. 

Argos was not left out either. 

He was obviously very excited about his gift but it was then time for bed. He knew he had a long night ahead. 

Traditionally we celebrate Christmas night at Geoff's parents house. His sister and her husband drive down from Atlanta in time for dinner and gifts. 

We had a great holiday but I did miss my family. Next year with a little one at our house, hopefully they will make the trip....

I am never ready to take down the tree... 

I can't wait until next year and we have 7 month old to celebrate with. 

Best wishes in 2013!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

24 Weeks

A month has passed since my last update and time is flying. Our 24 week appointment is tomorrow and it feels like we just found out that we are having a boy,

How I'm Feeling:

I feel great. This may be because I had a week and a half of vacation but over all my energy is high. I am at boot camp a few days a week and crossing off items from my todo list daily. 

A good night's sleep is starting to become an issue. Sleeping on my side is not comfortable even with my pregnancy pillow. I have always been a belly or back sleeper and the side sleeping is causing my back and hips to hurt. We switched mattresses this week and I hope that is going to help. 

How I'm Changing:

There is no missing my belly. It is here to stay and is constantly bumping into counters, doorways and my desk. I am in full maternity clothes now and have packed away my previous wardrobe. It feels good to officially look pregnant and not just pudgy. 

Continuing a workout routine has been a huge help to my physical and mental strength. My endurance is nothing to what is used to be and I have lowered all of my weights to prevent injury but it feels good to push myself and sweat. Jumping jacks and running for longer than a few minutes cause me to run to the restroom but everyone tells me that will forever be the case from here on out... 

What I'm Eating:

The real question should be what I am not eating. I would say I am eating everything that I used to eat and the only adjustment is quantity. Large portions of raw vegetables are followed by painful side effects. I find that I am hungrier more often but am only able to eat small portions before I am full. 

Everything Else:

We are making progress on the nursery and I am very excited to share updates. I have also found it very difficult to go shopping and not by baby clothes. EVERYTHING is cuter in baby size. Even hangers. 

I will be back with a few updates: kitchen, holidays and nursery.