Friday, August 7, 2015

Dear Charlie: 6 Months

Dear Charlie,

Happy half birthday! I really can't believe we have reached the sixth month milestone. I still picture you as your squishy new born self but you have become a strong, chunky boy. 

This past month has had so many important memories. You cut your first tooth! This is the tooth that we have all sworn was going to "come through any day now" for the past two months. It finally cut through and it cut through with vengeance. I keep forgetting how sharp the little tooth is and when you need to be soothed, I instinctively give you my finger to suck on. This loving gesture is quickly taken back when you clamp down as hard as you are able. 

We also started you on organic baby cereal and pureed veggies this month. So far you have approved of sweet potatoes, carrots and peas mixed in with your baby oatmeal. You are finally starting to accept avocado which is a good thing because one tree is currently ripe and our big tree is just weeks away. We have been feeding you in the Bumboo seat and only at dinner but plan on transitioning you into the highchair this month and adding lunch. 

You were baptized this month. It was a beautiful service and so many of your family members were present at the church and celebrated with us at our home after the service. The entire congrigation smiled when the water was placed on your head and you gave the biggest (at the time) toothless grin. You did so well and my heart was so full of love. Unfortunately, I came down with Mastitis in the middle of the night and was not feeling well but I was so happy to have so much help and love all around. 

Your nighttime sleeping is still varied. Most nights you wake up two or three times, nurse for less than ten minutes and go back to sleep without issues. A few nights you only woke up once. There have still been many nights this month that you are sleeping three or four hours the first stretch and then waking up almost every hour after that. I place you in your crib awake enough where you let out a scream but quickly fall asleep and you typically sleep on your back for the first few hours. After that you tend to roll onto your belly, which is fine, until you wake up and start screaming because you are on your belly and normally crammed into a corner of your crib. You are 100% able to roll back onto you back but you don't. I try to just roll you over and not get you out to nurse but somehow you get even angrier. 

You want to crawl so bad and I think that may be part of the sleep issue. You are able to squirm enough to get a toy placed a few inches out of your reach and you can roll multiple times when needed but you aren't crawling. You are able to get your legs tucked in under you but then all forward progress is halted by you face planting. Then screaming... 

You are starting to sit like a champ and as long as you don't get distracted can sit for a few minutes without timbering over. You dad is looking forward to your sitting improving so that we can move past the infant tub and take a bath with your brother. Harper is so excited for that. 

You got to go swimming for the first time this month too. You loved it. We sat you in a baby pool float and you just hung out while brother practiced his swimming. It was so much fun. 

You are such a happy baby. You love to bounce in your Jolly Jumper, be worn facing out, play in your activity saucer, chew on teething necklaces  carried around and kissed on. You do not like to sit still, sit in your carseat or your stroller, nap in your crib or to be set down. You love attention from your brother but hate when he cried. You always fall asleep shortly after brother has left, like you know it is now safe to relax. 

You are a sweetheart and I feel so blessed to be your mom. I look forward to the next six months!