Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dear Harper: 11 Months

Dear Harper,

Thank goodness we only have a few more weeks taking these pictures because it is becoming an impossible task. I would have to say you enjoy it. The challenge this month? You sit up and take off WALKING and basically running away. I then chase you, pick you up, sit you down, lay you flat and snap as many pictures as possible. This happens about a dozen times before I give up. 

Yes Harper Glen, you have been full on walking for over a month now. Your lack of fear took you from three steps to walking across the room over the span of 24 hours. You keep me running around all day but I can not complain. The joy you have from your new sense of freedom is contagious. 

Everyday you remind me that you have grown out of being a baby and are now a toddler. You love to "help" vacuum, "pet" Argos, throw your ball, carry my rolling pin all over the house and drink water. We are trying to teach you to be gentle but as everyone says, you are all boy. If it can be taken apart, you have taken it apart. If it can be climbed you try so hard. Bumps and bruises are a daily occurrence. 

This month you got to meet your Great Grandma Karen. We took a trip to the east coast with your grandma and great grandma. It is such a blessing to see you spend time with those that love you. You will get to meet even more extended family this week. 

You slept through the night last night! Some weeks you sleep through the night a few times but then some nights you still wake up at least once. I will say you are doing so much better in the sleep department. Everyone in the house is now well rested. Now if you would only nap in your crib… 

This month you had your first batch of swim lessons. I even dunked you under a few times. I can say you drank way too much pool water for your belly to handle but enjoyed every second of it. You love being pulled into the pool and singing the silly songs. Your favorite trick is getting out of the pool by yourself, waving to us and walking away. When you are done, you are done. 

We have been planning your 1st birthday celebration. We are so grateful for you and the joy you have brought to our lives. You are a blessing. 

Please stay my little baby for a little while longer. I love you dearly Harper Glen. I always will. 

I love you.