Friday, March 6, 2015

Dear Charlie: 1 Month

Dear Charlie,

We have been blessed to have you in our lives for a month. These four weeks have flown by. 

It has been an adjustment growing from a family of three to a family of four but with each day the overwhelming feelings lessened.  The biggest adjustment has been for your big brother. He wasn't used to having to share our attention, wasn't too sure what exactly you were doing at our house and why you weren't leaving. 

The day we got to bring you home it was rainy and dark out. You slept for most of your first day home and even surprised us with how well you slept that night. So far you have been a great sleeper for a newborn. You typically have a four to five hour stretch followed by a couple two hour stretches. There are no complaints from your parents. You are even sleeping better than your big brother most nights! We currently have you sleeping in your Rock and Play because you are not a fan of being flat on your back but hope to transition you to your crib soon. We dress you in your very handsome gowns and swaddle you in a velcro swaddle. The velcro swaddles are amazing and prevent you from busting out in the middle of the night. 

The first two weeks you napped for most of the day. When you were awake you either nursed or were just content. It wasn't until the third week when you decided to use your lungs A LOT. Now if you aren't sleeping, nursing, or milk drunk you like to scream. Being worn in the Ergo seems to help but as soon as you decide you want out you will cry until it is time for bed unless I am nursing you. Nursing you through dinner has seemed to be the only way your dad, brother and I can sit down together and we are ok with that. I may have dropped a vegetable or two on your head but that hasn't seemed to distract you. 

You are so strong and so alert already. You love lifting your head and looking at the lights around you. I love looking into your eyes as you explore. 

Bath time is still a time for you to cry your hardest. Each night seems to get a little better but you have not learned to enjoy it yet. You hated the sponge baths prior to your umbilical cord falling off and sitting in the infant tub seemed to anger you less. We are looking forward to you and your brother getting to play in the bath together once you are strong enough. 

We have only ventured out of the house to go to your doctor and to  Gammy's and Papa's house a couple of times but have a few outings planned this week. We have started to take walks with you in your infant seat. Some mornings it will just be the two of us but if your Grandma Carole is here we load up the double Bob and bring Argos with us. Your brother loves holding your hand while we walk. 

I think one of the biggest differences between bringing you home and brining your brother home is our confidence. We know everything is going to be okay and the mantra "this too shall pass" when we are in a tough or exhausting moment. 

You are a wonderful addition to our family. We will forever love you Charlie Ash.