Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Harper: 5 Months

Dear Harper,

We celebrated your five months in Amelia Island this week. I am not sure there are many babies that get to celebrate at the Ritz-Carlton. Lucky guy.

This month has been exhausting. Entertaining but exhausting. You are aware of everything that goes on around you and have a fear of missing out. This means we are always on the go, switching from one activity to the next. 

We started the month following the Mom’s on Call method of sleep training. After a few painful sessions of you crying yourself to sleep, you were napping like a champ and sleeping through the night. Your naps still averaged 30 minutes but you were taking four a day. At night, you may have woken once or twice but managed to fall back asleep on your own.  Then we hit the 4 months sleep regression that everyone warned me about. Naps became few and far between and I spent more time in your nursery at night then in my own room. You wanted to be held and ate as if you hadn’t been fed in days. This has lasted the past few weeks and I hope we are on the tail end of it. Last night you woke up twice and fed only once.

You now have a tooth that is just under the gum and I can tell it is bothering you. All of your teethers are in the refrigerator and frozen washcloths are ready to go. I am not ready for you to have teeth and hope that this one decides to stay put a little bit longer.

The sounds you are now able to make provide your favorite entertainment. You love scratching your fingers on any surface that will make a noise. More often then not it is just like nails on a chalkboard. You also love to hear the booming noise your legs make when you slam then down in your crib. The first few times I heard the noise in your monitor, I could have sworn the crib feel apart. The sound you are able to make when you suck on your bottom lip is adorable and it makes your cheeks look even plumper.

You are officially mobile. You aren’t scooting, crawling or walking yet but you barrel roll. There is no setting you down expecting your to be in the same location anymore. If you see a toy that you want across the carpet you will roll ten times to get to it. Your boppy even provides you just enough of an angle to sit up and fall forward.

Everything and anything still ends up in your mouth.  The footies of your pajamas are always soaked by morning.  Drinking glasses and water bottles are not safe around you. Faces are your favorite. You gain leverage from grabbing either the hair or ears of the loved one holding you, you pull then close and attempt to eat their nose, lips, cheeks or chin. You are rather strong for a little guy.

We joke that you are a little two forward with the ladies. You are such a little flirt. The grocery store cashiers are your favorite. You smile and giggle and as soon as they make eye contact you turn away. You little giggle has turned into a full belly laugh. The first time we heard it, I was sitting in the back seat and your dad was driving. I thought he was going to have to pull over. It is adorable. It is so great seeing you so full of joy.

You are now big and strong enough to ride in your strollers without being in your car seat. You love seeing the world when we go out for a walk or are going shopping. That being said you are getting awfully close to needing a bigger car seat. We need to measure you soon.

We have been lucky enough to take three mini vacations this month. The first was to Hobe Sound to visit your great grandma Nonnie and your dad’s Uncle Gene and Aunt Terry. Uncle Gene even let you drive his big boat! Your North Carolina Grandparents drove down to Orlando for a long weekend to spoil you and babysit while your dad and I had a date night. Apparently you cried most of the time we were away. Breaks my heart but I know you were in good hands. Our last getaway was to Amelia Island for your dad’s work conference. We were able to enjoy one day of sunshine in the pool and a walk on the beach before the rain kept us indoors. You got to meet your first parrot, Amelia, during story time with Gammy and Pappa.

Although we have had many sleepless nights, I am grateful. You are a healthy, happy baby and I cherish every moment I get to hold you, even if it is at 3am. There are nights I tell you dad that I want to climb into your crib and sleep besides you…

You are a blessing Harper Glen. I love you. I always will.