Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dear Harper: 1 Year

Dear Harper,

I will admit that I have been procrastinating writing your one year letter in hopes that you really haven't already turned one. Your Happy Birthday banner and weekly pictures still hang on the wall, a full week later. I can't not believe you are a one year old. You have developed such a personality that goes perfectly with your confidence and energy. 

You are on the go all day, climbing on furniture, banging on anything and everything that will make noise and making us laugh. The days are exhausting but always entertaining. Tears come often with all of the tumbles and trips but are quickly diminished with a hug and a kiss. Argos is your favorite playmate although you are not as gentle as he would like. The nights are restful now that at 11.5 months you have begun sleeping through the night. You become more and more independent every day and with that comes a stubborn streak. If baby isn't happy, no one is happy. Your happy place is in the dirt and the day is not over until you can't tell weither it is a bruise or layers of dirt. Rocks, sticks and dog toys still find their way into your mouth. You love going onto our pontoon boat and throwing items overboard. Naps still only occur in your carseat, stroller or in our arms. I will always let you nap in my arms no matter how many dishes are in the sink or emails need to be returned. The toilet has become an obsession with you and even with a baby lock, one must check to make sure their aren't any toys floating around. Bath time is hit or miss with you. Some nights you and your dad have a fun time playing with toys and splashing around and other nights one would think it was a form of torture. 
You are an amazing baby and it is a blessing to be your mom. You have touched many hearts around you and loved by so many.

We all look forward to year two! 

I love you Harper Glen. I always will.