Thursday, May 7, 2015

Charlie: Month 3

Dear Charlie,

You are a smiling, cooing three month old. You still like to scream but you have become more of a content baby. You are now able to sooth yourself by sucking on your hand or fingers but boy does that make you drool. You may have more outfit changes than your brother. The laundry is never ending! 

This was the first month that I had you and your brother all day, every day. We made it work but it was exhausting and tears were shed by all three of us. Your brother would be upset because we couldn't go outside and play and then you would be upset when your meal was cut short by your brother needing attention.  Luckily for you and me, your brother took a two to three hour nap every afternoon. This gave us time for cuddling and napping on the couch. I know your brother is going to be so excited once you are strong enough to play with him. 

You still hate the carseat when it is in the car. When the carseat is clipped into the stroller for quick errands you don't seem to mind it as much. Maybe it is because you like seeing the world around you? I tend to wear you in one of the baby carriers when we go for our morning walk while I push your brother in the jogging stroller. I am looking forward to you being able to sit in the double stroller with him. I also tend to wear you when we are out running errands or when I am attempting to clean up around the house.

There are times when you are completely content sitting in the Rock and Play (which you are about to grow out of) or laying on the floor or bed but more often then not you want to be held. 

You are starting to bat at the toys on your play mat and on your carseat and quickly caught on to their sound making abilities. You are able to grab and shake a rattle as well as hold on to small stuffed animals. You like gripping a blanket or my shirt and sucking on it until it is drenched with your drool. 

We know you are so close to being able to laugh. We can see it in your face when you find something funny but the laugh hasn't surfaced. There is nothing better than a baby belly laughing. I think your dad and I have an unspoken competition on who can make you laugh first. He won with Harper. He can be pretty darn goofy. 

Bath time is your second favorite activity after nursing. I am looking forward to in another month or so getting you into a warm swimming pool. I know you will love it. Soon enough it will be time for swim lessons. We just finished your brother's lessons and after screaming at every lesson last year he actually enjoyed it this year. I have a feeling you are going to scream as much as he did... That being said we may wait until next spring to start your lessons. 

I can already tell this next month is going to be a fun one full of milestones and smiles.

I love you Charlie Ash. I always will.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dear Harper: 2nd Year

Dear Harper,

My sweet boy, you turned two this month. I keep finding myself standing in our hallway looking at your newborn, six month, one year, eighteen month and now two year pictures. In my eyes you are still that adorable, chunky baby boy. It warms my heart knowing that you still want to be held and cuddle with your momma. 

You have the kindest heart but boy are you a busy one. From the moment you wake up, before six on most days, you just go, go, go until you eventually crash for a few hours in the afternoon then it is go, go, go until bedtime. 

You love your routines and remind us if we alter them in anyway. Your quick to point out a cabinet left open, a full dishwasher or a dryer that needs to be emptied. Vacuuming has become one of your favorite hobbies and it didn't take long for you to mimic the sound. You also like to "wash" the windows with baby wipes, someday I will tell you that smearing toddler grime doesn't count as cleaning. 

As much as you like cleaning, you love to get dirty. Almost every night when dad gets home from work the two of you spend time outside tending to the garden, working in the garage or finding other ways to get dirty.  You love to dig holes in the yard but being in the garden is your favorite. You will eat green onions right out of the soil and tomatoes straight off the vine. I love that you love being out there and I know  your dad feels the same way. 

Since the fall you have been going to Moms Morning Out at our church. There were tears in the beginning but you grew to love it. You had the best teachers and loved seeing your friends Gerry, Hudson and Max there. It was hard for me to leave you those first few times but I knew it was good for you mentally and emotionally. I knew you were in good hands. 

You took your first round of swim lessons last summer and boy were there tears! You hate to float but got so good at it. By the end of the summer, you could kick your way across a pool. I was so proud of you but hated hearing you scream. We have already started lessons this summer and you remembered so much of it and cry so much less. You are always so proud of yourself. 

You are such a good eater! I am always impressed when I see you eating what your dad and I eat for dinner. You love anything that comes with a side of guacamole and we haven't had a fruit that you will turn down. You even like seaweed snacks! You love anything dipped in hummus as well as any dish that includes noodles. I even catch you sneaking frozen corn and peas straight out of the freezer for a snack. Most mornings we will split a smoothie and at least once a week I have trouble finishing mine but you keep asking for more. 

You became a big brother this year. My heart melts seeing you show your brother love. You aren't always the most gentle and those first few weeks were rough but I know you love him. You just want him to be able to run around and play with you. Soon enough.

New words come out of your mouth daily. Many catch me off guard. You are starting to string them together and be able to ask for what you want. Your dad and I have to be very cautious about what we say around you because you are quick to repeat it. Argos is "go-go" and Charlie is still "bebe". Apparently all animals go "moo" except dinosaurs because they "Raaaaawwwrrrr". 

You are quick to shake off most trips and falls but "boo boos" require kisses. Sometimes you purposely cause a "boo boo" to get a kiss. You are a ham. 

Harper, your second year of life has been such a joy. You are a  busy boy but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow too. I will always love you.