Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 5

Dear Harper

This week I was so grateful that you seem to enjoy your car seat. We had multiple long drives and you handled most of them like a champ. Our trial drive was to Whole Foods with your FL grandma. You were sound asleep for the first 45 minutes but as soon as we exited the freeway you woke up and made sure we knew you were awake. You don’t appear to like us stopping at stoplights. You did great at Whole Foods but did decide to let half the store know that you do not like your diaper being changed in a public restroom. None of us can blame you on that one. You took a bottle while we ate lunch and fell back asleep on the way home.

The next night was the first night that it was “just the guys”. I had a meeting and your dad came home from work to watch you for two hours. Apparently you cried until five minutes before I got back home. I think you missed me…

Notice the "blanket"....

Saturday was your true test in the car. We drove down to Stuart for my good girlfriends bachelorette party.  Your dad was so kind to come with us to watch you while I had fun with the girls. I was really hoping you got all of your crying out the first time but once again you were unhappy and cried for three and a half hours. I am not sure which one of you looked more exhausted when I got home.

Dad "babysitting"

That was the first night we had you sleep in your Pack ‘n Play. Once your dad got you to sleep you did great in it. I have been using the Swaddle Me Velcro swaddles instead of a blanket and they seem to do much better. It didn’t matter how snuggly we swaddled you, you always broke an arm or two out. You have been sleeping four to five hour stretches in your crib at night. Normally around 3 hours you wake up and start fussing but after five minutes you fall back asleep without any help. Naps did not come as easy this week. If you fall asleep for a nap, you are typically being held. I am grateful that you are asleep but it becomes difficult to accomplish much of anything.

This past week you have become aware to all of your surroundings. This has lead to less napping and more crying. Almost every night around 6:00pm we have to use every trick in every book to sooth you. You will have a full bully, clean diaper and well burped but still you wail. As soon as we think you are calm and we can stop bouncing, shhhing, dancing and letting you suck on our finger you start up again.

You still love your daily walks. We go further and further each day. Some days you sleep and other days you just stare up at me. I really enjoy that time of our day. I can’t wait until we can walk to the park and push you in a swing. 

I love you Harper Glen. I always will.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 4

Dear Harper,

How are you a month old already? I know I will ask myself this every single month, if not every single day, but I feel like we just brought you home.

This past week was a big week of firsts for both of us.

Our first big moment for us was me leaving you with  your Florida grandma while I ran to the grocery store. You may not have even noticed that I was gone but it was an emotional moment for me. I have never grocery shopped so quickly in my life. I knew you were in good hands but it is hard to be away. I haven’t even left you alone with your dad yet. Baby steps.

I suppose I have to get used to it because we have a few events coming up that will require your grandmother or dad to watch you for a few hours. This leads to the next big, emotional, moment for us. You drank out of your first bottle. I am not so sure why I was so nervous that you wouldn’t take it. Your dad and you went  into the nursery and sat in our glider, just like we normally do and he gave you a bottle. You drank all four ounces in minutes. I am not even sure you noticed that anything was different.  

All of this eating has caused you to outgrow newborn diapers. You are officially in size one. We also started using gPants. They are a modified cloth diaper that has flushable inserts. They are adorable on you and easy to use. I may have turned all of the liners pink when I forgot to separate unwashed colors. I plan on using these during the day for now and stick with disposables at night or when we are out of town.

I have been contemplating giving you a pacifier but was on the fence. The other night, while I was washing up, you were crying. Your dad was trying to sooth you but I could tell nothing was working. Then quiet. Your dad found your pacifier stash and you loved it. Looks like we will be using one to help sooth you when your thumb isn't enough. 

You still don't like to be put down. I spend hours every day around lunch walking, dancing and bouncing you. You fuss as soon as I sit down and even if you are asleep you wake up as soon as I try to transfer you to your infant rocker or crib. Your two favorite spots to sleep are your Florida Grandma's or your dad's chest. 

Our morning walks are getting longer but somehow your morning nap has gotten shorter. You like to stay awake for the first portion of the walk  until you can not fight it any more. We even ventured out to walk with my friend Anna who is expecting a little one in a few months. The two of you will be great friends.

Another big step for us was our first outing. We went to Jo-Anns Fabric store to pick up craft supplies for a gift for your dad. We arrived at the store right as it opened and they were still running the vacuum for the perfect amount of white noise to keep you asleep.

On Sunday, your dad joined us for our morning walk. He took us to Circle B and we got to walk the trails and see the wild life. We even got to see a few alligators. The bumpy terrain kept you asleep the whole time.

I look forward to more and more firsts every week. You are precious.

One of your newborn pictures. Can't wait to see the rest. 

I will always love you.



Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 3

Dear Harper,

This week you grew into more than just a sleepy newborn. Your wake time between naps, feedings and diaper changes has increased and you are more aware of your surroundings. Your focus is stronger and it doesn’t matter where I am, if you hear my voice you try searching for me. 

We have starting “tummy time” and you are a strong one. You have no trouble lifting you head but after a few moments it comes crashing down. It is adorable. You have also discovered your thumb. You aren’t always able to get it to your mouth on your own but when you do you are ecstatic.

One of my favorite activities that we added to our daily routine is our morning walks.  After I feed you, change your diaper and get you dressed we head out for a thirty minute walk in the neighborhood with Argos. The fresh air is great for both of us and the weather has been surprisingly perfect. You fall asleep moments after we leave and continue your nap in the stroller at home. I look forward to lengthening the walks and future walks with friends.

Bath time has become even more enjoyable for you and your dad. Every other night its just the two of you and your infant tub in the kitchen sink. I love to watch and want to help but I know it is your time with your dad. I do get to dry you off after. You smell so amazing and are very relaxed.

On Friday, we had your infant pictures taken. You were a trooper. I’ll admit that I was nervous about getting you super sleepy to take the pictures but it turned out so well. We have gotten to see a few of them and I look forward to seeing the rest. I know these are pictures that we will cherish forever. I think you got your dad’s photogenic genes.

We had our first Mother’s Day this weekend. Saturday night we celebrated with your Great Grandma “Nonnie” as well as your Great Aunts, Great Uncle, Grandparents and your dad’s cousins. I could tell you were slightly overwhelmed but you did so well. Of course you decided you wanted to eat right as it was time to sit down for dinner. On Sunday, your dad gave me the sweetest card and an arrangement of various flowers and blossoms from the garden in a mason jar. It was very sweet. He even picked carrots and grapefruit to juice.  We had a delicious pasta dinner with kale, broccoli and oven dried tomatoes from the garden and attempted to watch a movie after we put you to sleep. Of course you decided that you wanted to continue celebrating with us and fought sleep with all the energy you had. After the movie your dad brought you back to your room to change your diaper and you fell asleep on the changing table. You even slept through him swaddling you.

It was an honor to be your mom on Mother’s Day. No matter how many naps you resist, I love you. I always will.



Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Harper: Week 2

Dear Harper,

You are two weeks old today. We are both still showing signs of your delivery but healing well. Your collarbone is on its way to being healed and the doctor said your head looks better. You are weighing in at 9lbs 6oz. Nearly a whole pound above your birth weight. You have also grown a half-inch. I am no longer worried that our little “milk dud” isn’t eating enough food.

 Week one you were a very easy baby. You went to sleep quickly and quietly and stayed asleep so long that I had to wake you up from almost every nap to feed you. This week you have decided to become your own, strong willed person. You don’t always want to take a nap but most of the time you are content hanging out in your crib but when it is time for bedtime you become rather vocal. Your dad and I spend time alternating rocking, loving and changing that always-dirty diaper. Once you are asleep and as long as you don’t break free from your swaddle wrap, you are a strong sleeper. Some nights you even let me go 4 hours between feedings.

You met my parents, your grandparents this week. They love you dearly. It was such a joy to see them smile every time you snuggled up against them and gave them a smile. Your grandma even helped change a few dozen of your diapers and rocked you to sleep for many naps. That may be why you don’t want to go straight to sleep on your own….

Your umbilical cord stump, or belly bacon as your dad refers to it, fell off this week.  I didn’t want to be the one to throw it away so I made you dad toss it when he got home from work. With the stump gone we were able to use your infant tub. The first attempt was painful for all involved but last night you seemed to almost enjoy it. It is a special time for you and your dad. He may not be able to feed you yet but he gets to bathe you a few times a week. It is the sweetest thing to watch.

First Bath
Second Bath
You and your dad share a similar trait: the inability to only sneeze once.  I have learned not to “bless you” until the third, forth or even fifth sneeze has passed. It is something I have always teased your dad about.

I am really looking forward to spending this week with you. It will be the first time it is just you and I home.  You have a long list of visitors wanting to come give you loves and I look forward to the company but it will be nice to figure us out. We are in this together and as sleep deprived as I am, I look forward to every moment.

I love you little Harper. I always will.