Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dear Harper: 8 Months

Dear Harper,

I may be repeated myself but you really need to stop growing up.  This past month has been my favorite so far.  You are checking milestones off like a champ. You are standing now. Over the course of a week you taught yourself how to sit down from a laying position, pull yourself up, stand, scale the walls and climb everything! Nothing is safe anymore and baby proofing has happened. Your confidence is amazing and the smile on your face after you have achieved the results you were hoping for is beautiful.

We now have six and a half teeth! Harper, you sure know how to use them… You still like to bite and last night you did some damage to you dads neck. We know it is innocent but it sure does hurt. Everything and anything finds its way to your mouth but your fingers are your favorite teething soothers.

Harper you are no longer our bald baby. You are getting hair! It is coming in so fast and is so soft. I could pet you all day.  We do need to find a solution to your bed head! It is hilarious.

Standing has complicated naptime this past week. Instead of finding your corner of the crib and falling asleep after a few minutes of crying you now stand and scream. I then have to come in a lay you down. This typically happens four or five times before you give in. I am hoping once you are a little more graceful at going from standing to sitting this will end. You are still napping with your face pressed up against the bars and have the most hilarious marks when you wake up.

Mealtimes are still your favorite especially when Argos is around to be fed. So far we haven’t found a food that you won’t eat but you do have your favorites. Kiwi, pear, blueberry and broccoli seem to be your favorites. Some meals you eat big kid portions and other meals you are more interested in playing with your food. You are still nursing five times a day with an additional feeding in the middle of the night most nights. Nursing is still going well but I will say those teeth of yours complicate things.

You are chatting up a storm now. You talk to your toys and you love to talk to the baby in the mirror. Dada is your favorite set of syllables. We are starting to introduce signs into our conversations. You love laughing at us when we sign to you. Your dad is still the one who can make you belly laugh the hardest.

This month we had a few other emotional milestones. You and I took our first flight just the two of us. It was delayed to way past both of our bedtimes and you did so well. The flight to North Carolina you entertained half the plane for most of the trip and even threw your apple down the aisle causing everyone to laugh. The return flight, I strapped you into the Ergo and you slept so soundly. The second big milestone was your first sleepover at Gammy and Papas. You dad and I went to Orlando to celebrate his birthday. We missed you so much but your Gammy said you did so well. They drove you to Orlando early the next morning to join us for breakfast and going to see the Ice exhibit. It was 9 degrees inside and you were so bundled. You seemed to enjoy the bright lights and figures but weren’t quite old enough for the slide.

Harper Glen you are such a happy, fun and loving baby. I feel so blessed to call you mine. I will always love you.