Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Weeks

The title should read 31 weeks. I had been putting off this post because we had our 30 week appointment scheduled for Monday. 

I was really hoping to be able to share picture from that ultrasound but Baby Roe is already showing his stubborn side. We could not get him to adjust to any position that would allow for a photograph. 

The good news? He is head down! I knew all of the pressure I was feeling under my ribs HAD to be his feet. He is currently weighing in at 3 pounds 13 ounces. 

How I'm Feeling:

Boy am I tired. We made the decision for me to work part time, starting last week. We both knew I was trying to do too much and with working 50+ hours a week, co-chairing a (sold out!) 5K this Friday, trying to get the nursery ready all while trying to be a wife and take care of myself was just too much. We even hired a cleaning service that will start today. I am really looking forward to going home to a spotless house without the guilt that my husband had to clean for hours. 

 Luckily, I have been sleeping like a rock these past few weeks. Argos has also started sleeping through the night. He went through a phase that he was waking up multiple times at night whining to go outside as well as scratching and licking himself constantly. We have added a skin and coat supplement to his dinner as well as giving him a half of an avocado a few times a week. The combination of the two has nearly eliminated the problem. 

My back is starting to ache and I am assuming the belly is the reason. I am going to continue my workouts for as long as I am physically capable. I am hoping that keeping my back strong will help during labor and recovery. I also bought an exercise ball. It was suggested at our birthing class to relieve pressure in the hips and back. 

How I'm Changing:

The belly is starting to out grow a few of my maternity tops. Geoff's gym shorts are becoming a whole lot more comfortable then any that I own. I just know that my belly button wants to pop out. I have not started swelling but everyone tells me this will be the next step. 

Baby Roe is a very active baby. Whenever I am sitting or laying down and especially after I finish a sweet meal the movements begin. Sometimes they even take my breath away. I am now able to distinguish between Braxton Hicks contractions and his movements. The Braxton Hicks can be pretty intense and painful so I can only imagine how actual contractors are going to be. 

What I'm Eating:

I have been working really hard to improve my diet. Even with the crazy schedule I have been cooking healthy, hearty meals almost nightly. The garden has had an abundance of produce that I am trying to eat before it all goes bad. 

I am hungry often and when the hunger strikes it is fierce but luckily it does not require a large portion to fill me up. 

Everything Else:

Birthing classes went very well. We both learned a ton. I think it Geoff attempts half of the relaxation techniques he will be injured. He has been warned. 

We have our baby CPR class next week.

Geoff even booked us a mini babymoon for next month. I am so excited. Now to find a swim suit that fits for the lazy river..... 

Monday, February 4, 2013

28 Weeks

Well hello third trimester. I have anxiously been awaiting your arrival. I will have to say that I felt great for a large majority of my second trimester and had a lingering fear that my third trimester was going to be rough. I have known for months that I was going to have an extremely full plate in February. Multiple events and a long to do list are keeping me very busy. Only four days in I am grateful that February is the shortest of the months. It will all be downhill from there... 

Yesterday was my good friend Nicole's baby shower. Her due date is only a few weeks before mine and she is having a little girl. Baby girl clothes are precious. All the bows, pokadots and shades of pink you could ever imagine. We still have six weeks until our shower but I know that I won't be unwrapping any tutus. Someday.

The picture is blurry but it is so much fun to have friends that are experiencing pregnancy at the same time. 

How I'm Feeling:

Exhaustion is setting it.  I am struggling with my inability to be productive all day. I have never been able to relax during the day and am forcing myself to take ten minute breaks to put my feet up and do nothing. I have been crashing earlier and earlier each night and dreading the 5am morning wake up call. 

I am still attending boot camp a few days a week. Exercise feels good but my modifications have been increasing at each workout. I really need to buy a few maternity outfits to workout in.  I am starting to pop out. I keep threatening to workout in a sports bra so I do not have to keep pulling down my shirt. Not happening. 

How I'm Changing:

I know I am going to say this at every update from here on out but I feel HUGE. I bump into everything. My belly has turned on the oven and the blender, both on multiple occasions. It is also impossible to keep clean. Dirt, food and who knows what else is a consistent accessory to my outfit. 

I am now to a point that people do not question whether or not I am pregnant. It is obviously a big baby bump. People seem to be shocked when I say how far along I am expecting me to be larger. I feel that people have a misconception with pregnant ladies and assume that we will always look like we are 9 months pregnant. Thank goodness we don't. I thought it was hard getting off the couch now...

What I'm Eating:

I seem to be 100% back to normal when it comes to food. My sweet tooth has increased and I am guilty of reaching for sweets when I start to get tired. Comfort foods and starches are making regular appearances on our weekly menu and the olive oil bottle is decreasing at a rapid rate. 

When I get hungry I find that I need to eat quickly before my blood sugar drops. I try to keep snacks on me at all times. 

The grocery store is a very dangerous place for me. Whole Foods is the worst. I think I need everything while I am there and quickly fill the cart with "snacks". 

Everything Else:

The nursery is coming along and I promise to share pictures. 

I took the glucose test at the last appointment and will find out tomorrow what my results were. 

We take our birthing class this weekend. Its a full day...