Monday, February 15, 2016

Dear Charlie: 1 Year

Dear Charlie,

You turned one last week. I am pretty sure I experienced every single emotion that a mom could have about this milestone. I am so proud of the boy you are becoming and these glimpses of your personality and quirky little traits make me smile all day long. You are so stinking funny and you belly laugh at your own silliness. You and your brother can be in the middle of tears and before I have time to calm you both down, one of you does something to make the other laugh. This especially happens in the car or high chair. 

My favorite milestone this past month is without a doubt: YOU SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. The first few months of your life, I told everyone that you were a great sleeper because you were. You would typically wake up twice to eat and quickly fall back asleep. This slowly turned into three times a night and that turned to some nights four or five. Some nights we were both so tired we would fall asleep in the glider or I would just bring you to bed. From the first day of your life, you slept just feet away from me. It wasn't until we took a trip to the family's house in Sebastian and we had three bedrooms to spread out in that you had your own room. You slept wonderfully and only woke up once! We took advantage of that and the first night home we put you in brother's room in his old crib. We were mentally prepared to let you cry off and on but you did so well. You woke a few times but really only fussed for a few minutes and went back to sleep. The best part? Brother slept through it. Most nights, the two of you sleep through the other's cries. Harper loves having you in his room and I'm pretty sure you are happy in there too. 

You are still taking two naps a day. Typically both naps will occur  in your new crib in your shared room but some days you do fall asleep in the car. Your morning nap is your standard 30-45 minute but your afternoon nap keeps getting shorter. You really want to fall back asleep on me after I get you out of your crib. I love the cuddles when it is just us at home but when brother is home it doesn't work out as well. Whenever I don't want you to fall asleep in the car, brother has gotten pretty good at yelling "Charlie, stay awake!" I don't see your eyes Charlie!". It is hilarious. 

You have now been walking for a couple months and as expected that has escalated to running and climbing. I can never turn my back or you will be onto of a chair, table, couch or even your rocking horse. You are beginning to tolerate shoes a little bit better but it is a battle to get them on your feet. 

I believe that you are up to nine teeth in your mouth. Every time that I try to count, you quickly become a snapping turtle.You LOVE having your teeth brushed with your dads electrical toothbrush. It is the funniest thing to see how excited you get. Now only if this would rub off on brother. Your dad is still brushing your teeth when he takes a bath with you and brother. Most nights you love the bath and many nights brother is yelling to get out. Overall it is a positive experience that I believe your dad enjoys. You do like being cradled and soaped up. Its too cute. 

Pretty much anything that qualifies as food is your favorite type of food. Hummus is definitely in the running for your number one. You had a tough ear infection for the first few weeks of January and there were days that all you wanted to eat was spoonfuls of hummus. I had to clearly write your name across the tub. Blueberries, toast, noodles, vegan quesadillas, sweet potatoes, brown rice, vegan mac and cheese, chickpeas and pretzels all qualify as favorites as well. You eat so many more things then I ever would have fed your brother. Both good and bad. I'd put chocolate and popcorn on that list. 

You have become a very happy one year old. Always smiling and giggling. There was one week this past month that you wanted absolutely nothing to do with your carseat or stroller. You fought it so hard. Arched back, kicking and flailing. I would have to distract you with a snack to buckle you up. 

I know you love me so very much. There is no doubt in my mind that that isn't true but the love you have for your dad is so wonderful. The excitement in your face every single time you dad walks into the room is so special. You have a real bond with him and I cherish that. 

We had a wonderful robot themed first birthday celebration with both of your grandmas and a bunch of our friends. You had so much fun at the party and I loved seeing every dote on you. Your favorite moment had to of been the cake. I think that was brothers favorite too. He kept referring to your party as his party. It was pretty cute and you obviously didn't know any different. I loved celebrating you. I definitely stretched the celebration with a trip for soft serve at Disney Springs, multiple rounds of birthday cupcakes and donuts, cheesecake and finally birthday cake. It was perfect. 

This past year has been such a blessing. You bring so much joy to everyone in your life. I am really looking forward to this second year. I know its going to be a good one. 

I love you Charlie Ash. I always will.