Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dear Charlie: 2 Months

Dear Charlie,

I can't believe you are two months old but I will say you do look older! All those rolls and chunky cheeks are adorable. You have nearly doubled in size. You weighed in at 14 lbs 2 oz and are 24 inches long!  I keep squeezing you into your 0-3 month clothes because I am not ready to move on to the next size. I wouldn't mind keeping you as my tiny, snuggly newborn forever. Although I am ready for the newborn evening screaming to pass. Every night, without fail, you cry your lungs out from the time your dad gets home from work to bedtime. The only moments you aren't crying are when you are nursing, taking a cat nap or in the bath. 

You don't seem to have strong feelings for or against the bath. Overall it appears to be a pleasant experience for you. There are no tears but there isn't any smiling. You quickly protest the end of the bath and do not want to get dressed for bed. 

Most nights you go to sleep without a fight. I do my best to put you in your crib awake and pat your belly until you are settled. Yes you have been sleeping in your crib all month. The transition was smoother than I anticipated. You still take a few naps a week in your Rock and Play. We now have a new baby monitor to keep an eye on you so naps in the crib will hopefully be soon. I really enjoy having you nap on me but that makes keeping an eye on your brother challenging. 

Grandma Carole went home at the end of April but Grandpa Bob stuck around and your Aunt Kelle came down for her spring break. While they were here we took a trip over to Sebastian to enjoy the beautiful weather. You did wonderful. We sat in stopped traffic for two hours and you handled it beautifully. You even slept great in a Pack and Play. Your brother never liked that thing! 

You got to meet your Great Grandma Nonnie this past week along with your dad's Uncle Gene, Aunt Terry, Cousin Sarah and her two little ones. Austin is just a month younger than you! I can't wait to see the two of you become great friends. His older sister, Ashton, holds her own with your brother. 

I feel so blessed that you are so loved by so many family members. Having your Grandma Carole here for your first two months of life was such a treat. She kept your brother busy but always made sure to have cuddle time with you at the end of the day. You always made sure to spit up on her outfit before she left. 

We celebrated your first Easter this weekend. You were such a sweet baby at church. Your Gammy and Papa came over to watch your brother hunt for Easter eggs and eat lunch. Next year you will be ready to hunt eggs with your brother! 

When you are fussy being out doors or loud music seems to help. The blender always quiets you. I have gotten in the habit of over blending my morning smoothy if you are upset. Tickles and silly songs make you all smiles. You are just starting to enjoy your playmat but aren't too thrilled with tummy time. You love to be "standing" and hate to be strapped into your carseat. I think you are going to be very busy very soon! 

If it was up to you, you would nurse all day. I try to stretch out feedings as long as you will allow but you want to cluster feed in the morning and evenings. You go for 5 to 6 hours at night for the first stretch but after that you only go 2 to 3 hours. You out grew your velcro swaddles this month and we switched you to the Halo Sleep Sacks that everyone recommends. It doesn't matter how tight I wrap you at least half the time you have an arm out by the next feeding. 

I wasn't sure how it was going to be having you sleep in our room but now I wouldn't have it any other way. I never slept well with your brother in his room those first few months. Having you close by allows me to check on you and sneak kisses as often as I want. 

You are such a joy Charlie. I will always love you.