Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dear Charlie: Month 5

Dear Charlie,

We are halfway through your sixth month but I am now finally rested enough to write about your fifth month. If I had to choose one word to describe our last six weeks it would be exhausting. You hit the four month sleep regression like clockwork. IF we got you to sleep in less than an hour;  we were lucky if you stayed asleep for longer than an hour. Every time you woke up, you woke up screaming. I would nurse you, you would fall asleep and then there was the tricky part of transitioning you to the crib. I know I shouldn't nurse you to sleep but it felt like my only option. Sometimes we would fall asleep in the glider and I would wake, startled by you flinching and realize we had been sleeping for an hour or sometimes two. Every morning around 4:30 I would bring you to our bed and lay with you and pray for a little more sleep knowing that your brother would be up before the son. Your dad had a long six weeks with work and had to be up and gone before Harper was awake making for very challenging mornings and long days. As I knock on wood, you have been back to only waking twice at night... Zero complaints from me.

I think the sleeping troubles added to your daytime hours of upsets. Luckily, those have also seemed to pass but it was back to the newborn witching hours that seemed to last for most of the day. You seemed to scream and scream and scream until I nursed you or tricked you into a nap. It would break my heart but then you would just start smiling again. 

When you are a happy baby you are such a joy. You have the best, goofy laugh. You love to be kissed on and peekaboo is your favorite. The activity saucer has been a big hit this month and so has the Jolly Jumper. Both can buy me 15 minutes to prep dinner, start a load of laundry or attempt a quick workout but most of the time I find myself chugging a smoothy, power eating a salad or eating half a bar of chocolate. 

You are no longer safe set down on raised surfaces because you will roll and roll and roll. Every day you seem to enjoy being on your belly more. You still hate your carseat. Luckily, your morning and late afternoon nap both fall on Harper's preschool schedule so you typically fall asleep on the way to his school.  Harper loves showing off his brother at school to all of his friends. He is always so concerned when you aren't with me.

No teeth yet but necklace teethers are your best friend. You weighed 16lbs 13oz and were 27" tall at our last doctors appointment. He gave us the go ahead to start solids. He is hoping that it might help with some of your tummy troubles and maybe even give me a break. 

I know I will remember the sleepless nights but I hope I also remember your sweet coos and that wild comb over hairstyle you are currently sporting.

I love you Charlie Ash. I always will.