Friday, October 16, 2015

Dear Charlie: 8 Months

Dear Charlie,

I knew this month was going to be a fun one. You love to play and are starting to be able to bounce with a beat. It is hilarious watching you bob around. Any toy that can be knocked over or chewed on is still your favorite. You are so quick getting around in your walker too! Everyone needs to watch out for their toes when we place you in it. You absolutely love it. You are happy in the activity saucer when there is activity to watch. Lately, I have been putting the saucer outside while I chase your brother around or water the plants. You love being outside and the weather has gifted us with a few cooler days this month. 

Drool, drool and more drool. There aren't enough drool bibs and outfit changes to keep you dry. Those darn teeth give you such a hard time. You officially have four but there are maybe another four that I can see. I am unable to get a good look because as soon as I go snooping around you chomp down. You have become quite the biter. Pretty much every single time I pick you up, you try to take a bite out of my neck. I've tried a few different "natural" teething remedies and brands but I don't feel like they do anything. It also appears that your amber teething necklace only makes people think you are a "pretty little girl, with so much hair". Sorry kiddo. 

We aren't sure if it is teething, sleep regression or your overall hatred of sleep but nights haven't gotten any better. Most nights you end up in our bed for a few hours when I become too tired to rock or dance you around. Napping isn't horrible. You typically take two crib naps and another nap on the go totally around 2.5 hours a day. Sometimes more and sometimes a lot less. 

I know you can crawl, I've seen it happen a few times, you just have chosen not to. I am completely ok with that. I know that when I set you down you will be within a few feet of where I left you. You will be mobile for the rest of your life so for now keep sitting an smiling. I have also seen you pull yourself up a few times. All of this happens when you think I am not watching. I am always watching, little one. 

You are such a joy. 

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